Breast Cancer (1 of 3): Causal Bayesian Network

"Suppose you take a medical test to see if you have a disease, and it comes back positive. How likely is it that you have the disease? For specificity, let’s say the disease is breast cancer, and the test is a mammogram. " 

Pearl, Judea. The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect (pp. 104-105). Basic Books. Kindle Edition. 

I implemented this example as a Causal Bayesian Network, which means the arc between Breast Cancer and Mammogram represents a causal relationship. You can download the attached XBL file and open it with any version of BayesiaLab. 

You can also experiment with this model via our WebSimulator: https://simulator.bayesialab.com/#!simulator/186824514911

Continue to part 2 of this example  

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