1st ramadan 2022 - Ramadan 2022: First day of the holy month announced for most Muslim countries

2022 1st ramadan Ramadan 2022:

First Day of Ramadan

2022 1st ramadan When Is

2022 1st ramadan When Does

2022 1st ramadan Ramadan Calendar

2022 1st ramadan Ramadan Starts,

2022 1st ramadan The date

2022 1st ramadan Ramadan 2022:

2022 1st ramadan Ramadan 2022

2022 1st ramadan When will

2022 1st ramadan Ramadan 2022

The date of the beginning of Ramadan 2022/1443

Ramadan: ‘A Month of Jihad, Conquest, and Victory’

In Ramadan, we should focus on remembrance of Allah swt dhikr , performing salah, making prayer and doing good deeds.

  • The blessed month of Ramadan upon us once again! This year, ramadan begins on april 12 and ends on may 12.

  • Allah started sending him messages and revelations through the angel Gabriel.

  • Ramadan Practices and Rules Ramadan is, above all, a time for Muslims to practice introspection and better themselves, by practicing self-discipline and control, as well as a time to strengthen their faith and devotion.

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