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Most people with infections of the urinary tract respond well to treatment within a few days.

  • Laser ablation of squamous metaplasia of the trigone and bladder neck areas has shown success in some patients with trigonitis.

  • Prostatitis can be characterized by genitourinary pain, sexual dysfunction and general health problems, similar to flu symptoms.

  • Several conditions can cause dysuria via different mechanisms.

Dysuria: Causes & Treatments For Painful Urination

The diagnosis is primarily one of exclusion.

  • There is a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.

  • Urological obstruction due to stone or tumor can result in findings of hematuria, decreased urination, and bladder spasms.

  • Since it only provides symptomatic relief and can build up in the body, it is not usually recommended for more than three days continuously.

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