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Loona (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light)

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Name loona fandom what’s the

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Name loona fandom LOONA

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Name loona fandom Loona

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Name loona fandom Loona/Relationships

Meet LOONA Heardle: K


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  • Loona: she stops fighting the dolls and turns to Vortex Wait, really? Yves has several nicknames, like Hasu, Suguyam, and Subongi.

  • She also seems to enjoy seeing Moxxie suffer since she was seen watching something on her phone that shows him being killed in multiple ways and snickered when Blitzo made a joke about the size of the latter's penis.

  • Retrieved 6 March 2021.

Loona (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light)

She has several phobias.

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