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Meaning dim Whats different

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Meaning dim Dim statement


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Meaning dim What is


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What is DIM (Dimensional Weight)? : ProPack

A class that implements that interface exposes a Dispose method that can be called to force valuable resources to be released immediately.

  • The one use of a global variable is retaining a value between code runs.

  • Basically, it sets the minimum fee for the amount of space a package fills up in the shipping vehicle.

  • For information about what happens when a data type or initializer is not specified, see later in this topic.


The Square function expects a long integer but we are passing a string i.

  • The Dim statement syntax has these parts: Part Description WithEvents Optional.

  • You can use the Preserve keyword with ReDim to keep existing data while you resize an array.

  • In a real-world version of this code we would fill the Class Module object with data and add it to a data structure like a or.

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