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Mardi anjungnet anjungnet

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Mardi anjungnet Access

Mardi anjungnet SSL Scanner

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Mardi anjungnet Access

Mardi anjungnet

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Mardi anjungnet Certificate stolen


Mardi anjungnet Access

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· To offer joint ventures and licensing arrangements for the commercialisation of research results.

  • Tel : +603 7885 4000 Fax : +603 7781 1813 Email : Operation Hour : Monday — Sunday 8.

  • It has eight main research stations and 24 support stations which cover 7,065 hectare of land area in Malaysia.

  • Researchers from vendor F-Secure have spotted a rare malicious software sample that carried a valid code-signing certificate from a Malaysian governmental institution.

Stolen government certificate signed malware

Our service has detected that Malay is used on the page, and it does not match the claimed English language.

  • The technical services are in the forms of advisory, consultancy, technical trainings, analytical laboratory services and quality assurance, product development and processing and also technology upscaling.

  • It used pilfered digital keys belonging to two companies from Taiwan.

  • It is rare for malware to have a valid certificate, although the one associated with this malware is no good now since it expired at the end of September.