Arista test kit - Areta Strep Throat Screening Swab Test Kit, 25 Tests in Pouches, ARST

Test kit arista ARISTA™ COVID

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Test kit arista ARISTA COVID

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Test kit arista Import &

Test kit arista Covid 19

Healthcare Areta Strep Throat Screening Swab Test Kit, 25 Tests in Pouches, ARST

Easy to read results: two lines is positive and one line is negative.

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  • We are continuing to build this database, and will be adding other tests which for the moment are still listed , as well as data from independent evaluations by other entities.

  • Fast to get results: After 5 seconds dipping the strip test into the tube, results can be sooner than or up to 10 minutes.

COVID19 Rapid Test

Please review the product insert regarding what type of blood sample will be appropriate to use in your test.

  • The antigen is generally detectable in nasopharyngeal or anterior nasal swab specimens during the acute phase of infection.

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  • Although 2 years from manufacturing date.