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Song merdeka Kelas Merdeka

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Merdeka Songs

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  • The ceremony continued with the raising of the National Flag of Malaya accompanied by the national anthem being played by a and a , followed by an call and a thanksgiving prayer in honour of this great occasion.

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  • The crescent represents Islam, the country's state religion; the blue canton symbolizes the unity of the Malaysian people; the yellow of the star and crescent is the royal color of the Malay rulers Negaraku My Country is the national anthem of Malaysia.

Merdeka Songs

How can you be sure that the National Song distributed by non-governmental site have not been altered tempo, rhythm, etc? The Vibes hits the streets to find out how well Malaysians know these popular tunes.

  • The majority of the non-Malay and non-aboriginal population in modern Malaysia is made up of immigrants and their descendants.

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