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The cenote scene represents how Ernesto is willing to sacrifice everyone around him even and for success.

  • Her father David got married again to Christina McLarty in 2015.

  • Not two seconds later, he disobeys and is returned.

  • Her daughter, Coco, was only nine years old.

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Likewise, Ernesto disguises his attempts to stop Imelda and recover Héctor's photo as dancing and performing, complete with turning his scream of pain into a hearty Mariachi grito when Imelda stomps on his foot to set herself free and steal back the picture.

  • This shows he's being forgotten, and once he is remembered once again by the Riveras, his bones revert to white, he gains a pair of shoes, and his clothes are good as new.

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  • This was met with criticism from the community in the United States.