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Mentor 7 Final: Malam Ini Protoge Siti Nordiana, Zaaim Punya!

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Senarai Peserta Mentor 8 (2020)

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7 azmirul mentor Mentor

7 azmirul mentor Lazarul Tersingkir,

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Zaaim Dan Siti Nordiana Juara Mentor Tujuh

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7 azmirul mentor Kenali Zaaim

Kenali Zaaim Juara Mentor 7.

Rumah tangga Saipul dan Dewi kembali terguncang.

  • You owe that to him or her, to the process, and to yourself.

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  • You can be an advocate for your mentee while still retaining your objectivity and fairness and not unfairly influencing any process either of you may be involved in.

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I have incorporated so many of his concepts to my mindset that I am already noticing positive changes in the way a think, speak and feel.

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  • Azmirul bersama Ernie Zakri berduet Bagaikan Sakti diikuti persembahan solo Laksamana Raja Di Laut.