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Sponge tepid Tepid Sponge

Tepid sponge, metode lawas yang sering kali dilupakan

Sponge tepid Tepid Water

Sponge tepid Tepid Water

Sponge tepid Sponge Bath

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Sponge tepid Tepid Sponge

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Tepid Sponge

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Tepid Water Sponge

Sponge tepid Tepid Sponge

Tepid Water Sponge

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Sponge tepid Tepid

Nursing and Tepid Sponge Bath

Place one washcloth under each of the patient's arms and one on each side of his groin.

  • The study design did not allow for comparison with the group treated with acetaminophen only.

  • When one compares the temperature differences at 1 h, the mean difference in the positive studies was 0.

  • PENGARUH PEMBERIAN TEPID SPONGE TERHADAP PENURUNAN SUHU TUBUH PADA ANAK DEMAM USIA TODDLER 1-3 TAHUN Oleh : Hera Hijriani STIKes YPIB Majalengka ABSTRAK Demam merupakan suatu kondisi dimana suhu tubuh mengalami peningkatan di atas normal.

Tepid Water Sponge

Constant monitoring of the patient's body temperature is essential, so that it does not drop below normal.

  • Discussion: It can be concluded that tepid sponge bath with 37oC warm water was more effective than tepid sponge bath with 32oC warm water.

  • The group had a mean rectal temperature of 42.

  • Mendekatkan alat Tahap orientasi 6.

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