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Micro Micro Bikini,

Micro Micro Bikini,

Yahoo kuulub Yahoo kaubamärkide perre.

Yahoo kuulub Yahoo kaubamärkide perre.


  • The first, Pirate Latitudes, was completed by Crichton, though the writing is uneven and thus it was probably edited after his death.

  • But a shrink ray is going to take a bit more convincing.

  • There will be a temptation to compare Micro to Prey, Crichton's novel about the dangers of nanotechnology swarms with artificial intelligence.

Extreme Micro Bikini

Now lets look at the technology of Micro, ignoring the massively stupid boss character.

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  • Our team ensures that every v-string, g-string and micro bikini, mesh and man swimsuit is simply perfect.

  • Thankfully, Crichton's new book Micro could easily be adapted for film, suggesting that he had returned to form before he passed away in 2008.

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