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Empathize Definition & Meaning

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What does empathy mean?

Empathizing with adversaries is also a route to social tolerance.

  • Of course, none of us can fully experience things the way someone else does, but we can attempt to get as close as possible, and we do this by putting aside our own preconceived ideas and choosing to understand the ideas, thoughts, and needs of others instead.

  • The customer representative should try to determine the problem with the questions.

  • Sympathy is being aware of and sensitive to the needs and suffering of others.


Empathy maps are another great tool not only for getting to know your users, but for sharing this knowledge across the wider team.

  • We know that empathy is crucial—so where does it fit into the Design Thinking process? But listening is never enough.

  • Empathy helps us gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of people's emotional and physical needs, and the way they see, understand, and interact with the world around them.

  • How to Practice Empathy Empathy, just like other relationship skills, is a choice.

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