T ran s late - The Real Reason Some of Us Are Chronically Late

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Gone but not forgotten: The Cannondale Slate was a bike before its time

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Mr. Slate

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word usage

Granite was finally updated to Mr.

  • I had been looking forward to our meeting today, but when I rechecked my calendar I discovered that the meeting was, in fact, scheduled for yesterday.

  • Other women concur that the friend who runs late usually provides something worthwhile in the friendship, including social connections, work connections, and companionship.

  • Tristram Coffin plays Captain Thomas H.

Mr. Slate

Slate is austere, strict, no-nonsense, serious, negative and hot-tempered.

  • It is, of course, impossible to arrive on time each and every time.

  • Because people like me hate to be tardy, we are always on time.

  • Instead, he blamed NBC.

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