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Companies that Boycott Israel in Violation of State Laws by State

Lasri Ltd Metal works Edomim I.

  • Retail sales are just beginning.

  • The Tel Aviv company connects a power plant flue to a series of algae-munching ponds.

  • Golan Industries Meetal works Bnei Yehuda Granit 2000 Marble and granite Edomim I.

Made in Israel Products

Muslims are boycotting Israeli products to send a message to Israel that they can not kill innocent Muslims, capture their houses or force them to leave their own country.

  • Due to its location, Israel can access a wide array of fish from several sources such as the and the.

  • These changes are reflected in the new card.

  • In the past Israeli fishermen also fished in the Hula Lake but in the 1950s, the government decided to drain it of all the water within it to combat malaria.