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Khan kamala Kamala Khan's

Khan kamala Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel

Khan kamala Kamala Khan:

Khan kamala Ms. Marvel

Khan kamala marvel

Khan kamala Marvel Officially

Ms. Marvel

Khan kamala Kamala Khan:

Khan kamala Kamala Khan

‘Ms. Marvel’ creator says Kamala Khan can stand toe

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Khan kamala Kamala Khan


Warbringer had come to Earth in search of pieces of an ancient artifact that could do unimaginable damage to the world, and managed to escape from the museum with the second-to-last fragment.

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  • She is known for her portrayal of 'Nusrat Al Fayeed' , Tyrant fX.

  • She has cast off her internalized bigotry towards her identity and now, secure in her Muslim Pakistani womanhood, is ready to be the superhero that our world needs.

Kamala Khan (Character)

Kamala sprang into action as Ms.

  • Despite being know for bad boy Tariq Siddique, in the British drama Doctors he appears briefly as the Autistic Imran Nazir who uses his religion to comfort himself and calm himself down.

  • Marvel to get her fellow students to safety.

  • They teamed up with the Avengers to fight the High Evolutionary, only for Viv to sacrifice herself.

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