Digi unlimited rm35 - Lebih Berbaloi Dan Puas Hati, Ini 5 Pilihan Terbaik Modem WIFI Modified Unlimited

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Unlimited Data Plan Terbaik Di Malaysia (2021)

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【电讯资讯】各大电讯公司都推出Prepaid Unlimited Internet配套,哪家最值得?

Unlimited rm35 digi 【电讯资讯】Digi推出全新上网配套!Unlimited Internet


Kesian tengok pelajar ada yang panjat pokok, buat khemah atas bukit sebab nak cari signal 4G yang sipi-sipi je ada.

  • Penatlah siang malam berpolitik walhal soal kebajikan dan keperluan rakyat dihumban keluar tingkap.

  • Celebrating the on-going Ramadhan season for all the Muslim friends around us, Digi has launched several new postpaid and prepaid plan that includes the LebihInternet promotion! So how does it offer the most value for money? If you finish up your data, you can also add more by purchasing additional passes through the MyDigi mobile app.

  • The promotion ends on December 31, 2020.


According to reports, Digi has also launched a bundle that includes limitless Internet access, although this package is only available to particular customers only.

  • It offers unlimited data at 4mbps speed, which enables high definition videos for your best mobile entertainment experience anytime and anywhere in the country.

  • We are in this together! With that said, what do you think of this new plan? As the principal line, you can also get new smartphones or smartwatches for your family with the Digi PhoneFreedom 365 supplementary line! Baca artikel ini dalam versi English :.

  • Asalkan bukan curi line internet orang kan.

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