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Iako sam puno radila, taj rad mi je prińćinjavao radost.

  • Al progetto ha collaborato Mav√¨ Cerenza per tutti gli aspetti relativi alla strategia e copywriting: payoff, affissioni e in-store communication.

  • The restyling intervention touched the brand's identity, starting from the color codes that define the different product areas, the signage system, the copywriting edited by Mav√¨ Cerenza and the new photographic mood that aims to identify the brand with a contemporary family, portrayed in its everyday life.

  • After three straight finals losses, Fortitudo won the Serie A for the first time in 2000.

Volantino Upim

In other applications the material remains active so that it can respond, at the molecular level, to its environment or to other external conditions.

  • UPIM With over 500 stores, Upim can be found in city centres as well as shopping and residential zones.

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