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When shape-shifting, his clothes shape-shift with him to match those of the person whose shape he is assuming.

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  • From their marriage onwards, the lovers share details of their daily lives with their millions of followers and are not afraid to show the admiration and devotion they feel for each other.

  • His family home did not have a radio, but housed a collection of records by artists such as , , , , and.

Camilo Explains Baby Name Indigo

New York: Da Capo Press.

  • When dealing with his emotional mother, he treats her in a soothing manner when trying to get her to calm down and puts up with being accidentally jolted by her without complaining.

  • Camilo has the power of shapeshifting; he can assume the form of any living person he has seen.

  • Junto a esta última canción anunció la fecha de salida de su segundo álbum de estudio, titulado , que fue lanzado el 4 de marzo de 2021.