Focaccia recipe - Focaccia Bread Recipe

Recipe focaccia Traditional Focaccia

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Easy Focaccia Recipe (Rosemary + Seasalt)

Recipe focaccia Easy Rosemary

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Recipe focaccia Our Best

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Recipe focaccia Easy Rosemary

Recipe focaccia The Best,

Classic Focaccia Recipe

Focaccia di Recco Recipe

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  • It adds to the texture as well as the flavor of the bread.

  • We want the goldilocks temperature.

  • This recipe turned out fantastic.

Classic Focaccia Bread Recipe

If you live in a humid environment or abroad, I suggest trying to get your hands on bread flour.

  • See notes above if you need to skip the overnight rise for time purposes.

  • I let it rise a second time for about 15 minutes, then dimpled it with my fingertips.

  • I reduced the temp time to 325 degrees as 450 was ridiculously high, but my oven might produce a bit much heat than the conventional ovens.