Soojin leave gidle - Korean fans mass email Cube to have Soojin leave Gidle to save other members' futures

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Soojin leaves Okay

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Gidle soojin leave Cube Entertainment

Former (G)I

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Gidle soojin leave An article

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Gidle soojin leave Is Soojin

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CUBE ENTERTAINMENT announces Soojin's departure from (G)I

Why did Seo Soojin leave (G)I

If we just act vicious enough towards these adults, then surely societal structures and psychological tendencies that cause this will disappear! One and two word titles are not allowed.

  • First, the agency apologizes for having caused concern through the controversy associated with our artist Soojin.

  • Early last year when the entire Korean entertainment industry was shaken up by a chain of school bullying allegations, Stray Kids member Hyunjin was swept up in accusations by former schoolmates.

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Of course, Cube certainly mishandled the situation by even letting her make the remarks public to begin with, but the bottom line is she still made those statements and there was a lot of gaslighting and a total lack of remorse or consideration of potential wrongdoing on her part.

  • I've made a post but the mods have to delete it and tell me to post here in the mega thread instead so hopefully, people will understand how fond I am and love soojin as a whole, but I felt that I am just as problematic as she was because of her scandal, maybe words of advice would help me to understand things better and how to handle this better I can't even articulate the thoughts and emotions I've felt, upset is even an understatement as knetz, knevies and the gp as whole, demanding for her removal when hating her is even unnecessary as it won't help the situation either.

  • Pop culture critic Jeong Deok-hyun also attributes such varying outcomes to diversified fandoms.

  • Not lots of it, not the majority, but some of it.