Report scammer malaysia - Meet the Malaysian couple allegedly behind the infamous Macau Scam

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10 Simple Ways You Can Do To Avoid Scams In Malaysia

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Country Code +60: Phone Calls from Malaysia

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How To Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed In Malaysia

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How To Lodge A Police Report Online For Non

They introduce themselves either as a policeman, bank officer, PosLaju worker or various other fake identities.

  • Keep all records and documentation With any large scale financial transaction you do, you should keep a detailed financial record.

  • How Do I Complain About Cheating Online? In another variant of the love scam, the scammer would claim to have sent the victim a parcel of valuable items from overseas.

  • Step two is the fake story.

How To Report Online Scam Malaysia?

Why do victims have to go through this agony for others' mistakes? If you have already had to deal with these disastrous consequences, you would obviously want to know how to report a forex scammer in order to get some justice.

  • Ini kerana kalangan scammer akan sentiasa menukar nombor telefon atau no akaun bank yang digunakan mereka bagi menipu di Malaysia.

  • For this reason, any money-related matters are governed by them and this includes investigating financial scams as well.

  • Be careful of anyone you meet online.